more sxsw breadcrumbs: video+music

  • Juiceboxxx (video above) thoroughly rocked the house at the BuzzFeed party, though it was hard to tell sometimes with everyone seeming more focused on taking great photos than dancing. We thought it might just be the Flickr-pro SXSW crowd, but Juiceboxxx mentioned to Jonah after the show that it was the same for him at a recent show in Williamsburg, where he didn’t know that the crowd liked his show until he read about it on all their blogs the next day. “No one lives in realtime anymore,” he said.
  • We almost didn’t have a Juiceboxxx show that night: someone had misplaced the turntable cartridge at the venue, and there was no way for him to spin his records. Luckily, my lovely wife Rae, who went to school outside Austin, thought to call the nearby Waterloo Records minutes before the store closed at ten, and Molotov’s owner ran the four blocks on foot to buy the part and save the day.
  • “Does Chuck know what he’s doing?” Chuck Olsen’s behind the scenes footage of the Rocketboom Dan Rather interview is totally brilliant. In the right remix, that quote could be the “What’s the frequency, Kenneth?” for the vlogger generation.
  • Nerd jokes: Ask a Ninja’s video for the SXSW Web Awards. “Kevin Rose has underwear older than Web 2.0!”
  • Grabbing some coffee one morning at the hotel, met the guys from Toronto’s Uncut, who were playing a number of shows that week. I liked how one of them told me their band’s name. “Uncut?” (with a shrug). Listening to their music, I’d say they should have said, “Uncut!” with a fist in the air.
  • On Friday night, we had a surprise birthday party for Casey McKinnon in a weird roadhouse karaoke place in North Austin. Lots of vloggers there, including a funny reunion of four of the vlog deathmatch ladies, captured on video by Lan Bui. You can see me walking dorkily out of the frame when I notice the cameras rolling.
  • Finally, whoever booked The Little Ones for Yahoo’s SXSW party deserves a promotion.

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